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a team of driven video producers working across various media platforms, focusing on promotional videos, conference videos, and TV reports.

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and experience are our strong suit. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, we are able to provide our services all over Europe in multiple languages (English, German, Czech, etc.).

Modern technology

and approach are essential to catching the attention of any audience. The videos are shot with HD and 4K cameras and other modern equipment to create a dynamic and captivating effect.

We offer

a full-scale product.

Draft scripting according to clients’ demands, video recording (4K & HD video, wireless sound technology), postproduction, including graphics, voiceovers, and music.

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Conference videos

Grow your conference! A professional video team will capture the atmosphere of your event and interview speakers and delegates to produce an engaging video report. A universal presentation tool for your delegates and partners.

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Corporate promotional videos

Present your company in a modern way! We record a video about your business and the company management to display the complete profile of your activities.

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Product promotional videos

Present your product to your customers! Promotional videos will illustrate the applications and advantages of your product in an engaging way which no brochure or photograph can compare to. The video can be shot as an advertisement, product presentation or tutorial.

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Video reports

Promote your event with a custom video report! An experienced reporter and cameraman will capture the atmosphere, interview participants and organizers and produce a video ideal for your website, social media or television.

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David Štrup | +420 605 071 554 | david@upvideo.cz